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What is STEAM Learning?

STEAM is an educational discipline that aims to spark an interest and lifelong love of the arts and sciences in children from an early age. Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math are similar fields of study in that they all involve creative processes and none uses just one method for inquiry and investigation. Teaching relevant, in-demand skills that will prepare students to become innovators in an ever-evolving world is paramount, not only for the future of the students themselves but for the future of the country.

A big part of the education system’s function is to prepare students for the future workforce. That’s why STEAM education is so important. Students explore through curiosity, play, and hands-on learning. And who knows? What they find might just lead to the next emerging STEAM career. The challenging part is that many STEAM careers are always evolving, and although we can’t predict the future of jobs, we can help prepare students with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed in those jobs.

Why STEAM Education is Important?

STEAM education is an experiential form of learning which is focused on building skills in children and provides deep conceptual understanding. 

Art and design are also being included to make STEM more relevant as these fields bring abstract concepts into the real world. Including Art and Design will level the playing field and help children enjoy the learning process. We always remember things from our childhood and introducing STEM with Art and Design early prepares children for the future.


The LAB is designed in such a way that children and youngsters will be able to conceptualize and develop scientific ideas. The best thing about this lab is that they will be able to do their own thing and that too without any hindrance and get all the help they need.

The LAB is set up by keeping the key elements open, flexible & safe. Individual workstations are created for Soldering, 3D-Printing, Drones, etc. keeping the requirements for Power Supply and Safety as the core guideline.

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The lab will be set up by keeping the key elements of being open, flexible and safe as the core guiding principles.
Innovation Tank
The Innovation Tank is a place for the identification of the skills gap in youth and provides skills training and employment benefits to them.
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Animation Lab
Animation is a way of making a movie from many still images. The images are put together one after another and then played at a fast speed to give the illusion of movement.
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