Who Are We?


Hidden lamp has designed a method to help the students discover their potential by tapping their curiosity and creativity.

Hence, we have come up with the concept of STEAM labs which will give them access to the latest emerging technologies like 3D printing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality etc. The student will learn about these technologies through hands on experience, under the meticulous yet unconfined supervision of elite and passionate trainers to solve some of the biggest global challenges.

Our Mission

The Objective is to faster curiosity, creativity and to inculcate 21st Skills.

For society to have a broad understanding of Artificial Intelligence, enabling people to use it to improve their lives and advocate for equitable, ethical policies from companies and governments. We do this through offering strategic Consulting and developing innovative education programs.

Our Lab

Our Vision

To kindle the lamp of creativity within the hearts of young ones.

A world in which humans feel confident using digital and physical tools to achieve their goals and rejoice in their ability to creatively re-imagine technology.

Our Core Values

To enable the next generation innovators to solve biggest challenges.

Discover, innovate and learn with a voracious mind. Maintain a sense of wonder in our world. Encourage others to think, engage and come up with their own ideas (originality).